Why I Am Running

Colleyville is a unique city with a wonderful rural heritage. We have maintained the feel of that culture with high quality, low density housing developments and lots of open space. In May 2016, I ran on a platform to reverse the trends in higher density zoning approvals, to correct the 2015 Comprehensive Master Plan because it went counter to Colleyville’s vision, and to provide leadership that would once again listen to citizens. You elected me Mayor by an overwhelming 62% – 38% margin in the largest city election in Colleyville history to that date.


My commitment to you was to work hard to restore trust in our city government, to put citizens first, and to look after your best interests. I am and have always been an independent voice who provides honest, plain talking, transparent leadership.

I have lived up to that commitment and make that same commitment again. The list of accomplishments in just three short years is long and could not have been achieved without your commitment, support and collaboration. I am incredibly proud of our beautiful town and its key resource – you the citizens.

I ask for your support again in my reelection campaign.

When reelectedI will continue to respect all citizens at all times. No one will work harder. I bring a wealth of business and successful civic experience to the Mayor’s office.


I am excited at the prospect of working for you again, for my second and final term.