What I Support

Your Voice,
Your Colleyville.


  • Continue high quality, low density residential developments consistent with Master Plan
  • Encourage quality commercial development consistent with Master Plan
  • Implement new Parks Master Plan – Expand trails, park land and open spaces
  • Complete new City Plaza – currently designed, ready to construct
  • Continue city beautification efforts – upgraded roundabouts, landscaped medians


  • Transparency in all aspects of city government
  • Listen to and respect all citizens’ views and concerns
  • Responsiveness of city government – citizens should get answers quickly
  • Servant leadership from elected officials
  • Set annual council and city objectives and report results


  • Keep property taxes low – it’s your money
  • Zero based budgeting – explain budget priorities
  • Support state property tax caps proposed by Governor Abbott
  • Continue to cash fund all 5 year capital improvements plans
  • Spend down existing debt – no new debt without citizens’ approval
  • Support eliminating or significantly reducing school funding recapture (Robin Hood) to reduce school property tax rates – Support increased state Title I school funding
  • Require state to assume financial responsibility for Hwy 26 pavement and stop light maintenance when Hwy 26 complete
  • Ensure water/sewer rates are fair to all citizens and as low as possible


  • Continue creative economic development efforts in commercial corridors by assisting new/existing businesses with creative incentives
  • Complete improvements to Glade Road responsibly (design is complete) – save >$5 million, no residential eminent domain
  • Update annually all Infrastructure 5 year Capital Plans and execute current year
  • Update annually city wide road maintenance program and execute current year


In May 2016 you elected me mayor in the largest voter turnout in Colleyville history to that date. I ran on a platform to improve QUALITY of LIFE, restore TRANSPARENCY and TRUST in city government, and SOUND FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT of your tax dollars.


By an overwhelming majority (62% to 38%) you voted to put citizens’ interests first and reverse the trends in higher density zoning approvals that went counter to Colleyville’s vision. Not reversing these trends would have resulted in less open and green space in Colleyville, negative changes to the integrity of existing neighborhoods, and, over the long term, reduced quality of life and home values, which for most people is their largest personal investment.


When I took office, I committed to focus on citizens’ best interests, and to make good on campaign promises as quickly as possible. Here are some of the results:




* Revised the 2015 comprehensive plan (policy) to ensure it matched Colleyville’s low density, high “quality of life” vision that maintains property values and gives Colleyville its small town, semi-rural charm and culture as opposed to an urban culture


* Updated the Land Development Code (ordinances) to match the revised comprehensive master plan


* We increased all employees’ pay scales after a citizen committee identified a $660,000 short fall in compensation rates mostly in first responders pay. This had been identified before, but never fully corrected. Our first responder pay was below market which we corrected in one budget cycle. Colleyville is often ranked the #1 safest community in the state of Texas. Our Police and Fire departments provide truly lifesaving services to our citizens.


* Accelerated the infrastructure Capital Improvement Plan to start fixing streets that had been long neglected all over town. Our streets (which were once an embarrassment) are now a source of pride for our residents. Glade Road design is complete and construction will start this year.


* Updated the Parks and Trails Master Plan; initiated an overall beautification program (roundabout redesigns, median and roadway landscaping, etc.) and increased the number and quality of community events





* Championed term limits and appointed a citizen city charter review committee who recommended term limits and transparency/ethics reforms. YOU passed these city charter reforms that have been celebrated as the best in the state by 83% – 17% margins in the new single largest voter turnout in Colleyville history. By the way, this guarantees that we will not have career politicians running Colleyville. The new 2 term limit gives other citizens an opportunity to serve.


* Demonstrated financial transparency by implementing “Open Gov” on the city’s web site to show where every penny goes. We now produce monthly all funds reports that account for every dollar in the city. This has never been done before.


* Involved many more citizens in decision making processes through citizen committees





* Reduced the Colleyville property tax rate three years in a row


* Completely offset the 8% increase in property values this fiscal year by lowering the property tax rate to the “effective tax rate”. Only a handful of taxing entities in the state accomplished this.


* Supported Governor Abbott’s property tax reduction proposal currently being discussed in the legislature (also support eliminating Robin Hood to reduce school property tax AND increasing state funding to school districts)


* Established a zero-based budgeting process that resulted in a $1M savings in this fiscal year alone.


* Created incentives to benefit Colleyville businesses while successfully navigating the inconvenient and challenging Highway 26 re-development effort, which is now near the finish line. In 2018 this resulted in a 4% annual increase in sales tax which is 4 times the rate we budgeted and twice the rate that Southlake’s grew. And, Colleyville’s commercial occupancy rate is very high at 94% compared to Southlakes’s 92%


* Established fair and equitable water rates for all residents and eliminated the $1 million “profit” transfer from the Utility Fund to the General Fund



In addition, we hired a new City Manager, Jerry Ducay, two years ago who has simply been outstanding. We asked Jerry to implement cultural changes to create the highest possible level of citizen service and responsiveness. Jerry delivered by creating one of the most talented, motivated and service-oriented city staffs in Texas. We are incredibly proud of Jerry and his team and we hear from you every day what an outstanding job they are doing for our city and residents